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Game Plan Girl Productivity Coach Lexi Frame


Productivity Program

This 8-week, 1:1 Joyful Productivity Program is for the driven woman who wants to completely transform her mindset, work/life balance, time-management, and focus in order to achieve all her goals and dreams – aka YOU!

Over 8 x 60-min. sessions, I'll work with you 1:1 and teach you how to build the mindset, balance, goals, daily structure, systems, game plans, and habits you need to get organized, work smarter, take back your time, and achieve your dreams with balance & wellbeing.

Investment: $1000

If you are South African, please enquire about my SA prices.


Payable in 2 x instalments


week by week

W1 Intro to you & productivity

I'll conduct a productivity assessment to deep dive into your current state of productivity across mindset, balance, organisation, planning, focus, self-discipline, prioritisation, and time management. I'll work with you to pinpoint what's propelling you forward and dragging you down, and what you can change right now.

W4 Growing with goals

You’ll learn the 5 types of goals for success, how to define realistic and achievable goals in each area of your life, build a foolproof roadmap to success, and make progress with consistency & big leaps.

W7 Planning your day & week

I’ll start by assessing your current day to understand where your time is going and what immediate changes can you make. I’ll work with you to define your ideal day & week, structure your day to fit in must-do's and the want-to-do’s, use your digital calendar to plan your day & keep you accountable, and adapt your structure when life happens.

W2 Unblocking your mindset

I'll help you unlock the mindsets holding you back from growth & productivity and teach you the key mindsets that will enable growth & productivity, as well as how to change your mindset in the moment.

W5 Getting organised & on top of it all

I’ll work with you to organise everything you do into clear categories and pillars, quickly gauge if you’ve taken on too much, simplify your workload while still making an impact on your goals, and build it all into a digital, always-accessible masterlist.

W8 You made it! Let's reflect

We’ll redo the questionnaire from week 1 to see where and how you have improved, and where you can continue to improve, we'll reflect on your top wins, learnings, and breakthroughs in order to solidify and remind you about your new habits and mindset, how far you've come, and how much strength and power you already have moving forward.

W3 Building balance into your life

We'll re-imagine your ideal future life & business and build your life wheel – the 8 most important areas of life that will create balance. I'll teach you how to 

quickly identity what areas to work on first and define an action plan for balance.

W6 Creating & using your digital master list

I’ll share my top tool for managing your life and how to use it to build your Masterlist. You’ll also learn how to prioritise your to-do’s realistically & with intention, be realistic about your time vs. your workload, write a realistic & achievable daily to-do list , and how to focus with key micro-habits & tools.

  • To be your most productive self at work AND in your personal life, without burning out. 

  • A daily structure that frees up your time, improves your focus, and gives you the energy to work on your personal goals, every day.

  • To completely change how you manage your time and workload so that you feel calm, peaceful, and productive every day, no matter how much is on your plate

  • An achievable game plan for your work, business, and personal goals.

This program is for you if you want:


This Power Package includes:

  • 8 x 60-min. sessions online or in person (depending on where you are)

  • Accountability & support via Whatsapp & Email 

  • Free access to workshops I host during your 6 weeks

  • Free Notion or Trello templates

  • Access to your own digital whiteboard in Miro

  • A whole lot of inspiration, accountability, and fun!

next steps

How it Works



Click here to fill out the enquiry form. Expect to hear back from me, by email within 1-3 business days.


Discovery Call 

I'll send you a link for us b to book a free, 20-min. discovery call to discuss your needs and determine if it's the right fit. 



After our discovery call, I'll send you a proposal and contract to review and sign. Your payment will be collected at this time too.


Session Booked!

Once your payment and contract are received, I'll send you a link to book your first coaching session.

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