I do this work, because I've experienced the chaos and the clarity

I've burned out in a chaotic startup

Quietly quit after years of no growth, silenced my ideas after never being heard, stopped pushing for "big ideas" and lost complete confidence in my ability, leaders, and company.

But I've also experienced joy at work.

Both as a leader and a contributor.

I've been inspired by missions I'd do anything to achieve, had leaders I cared enough to give feedback to, seen how role clarity creates focus, understanding between people fosters collaboration, and how trust boosts innovation.

I've seen first-hand how structure, purpose, and clarity can drastically improve a team's performance and as result the company's growth.

Now I'm on a mission to

help companies build powerful teams

Because I'd love to see a world where people are fired up

to do their best work, at work.


Want the full

career break down?

I've had 16+ years working in and leading teams creative, marketing, startups and corporates across Creative, Marketing Management, Culture, Management, Operations, Research & CRM. Curious? Let's connect on LinkedIN.

Big on values?

Here are mine

Radical realness

I take openness, honesty, and tranceparnecy seriously. You won’t find convoluted jargon or vague wording here – I'm all about direct, clear, human communication and sharing.

If it doesn’t fit, challenge it.

Just because “that’s how we’ve always done it”, doesn’t make it right, or better. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Clarity creates simplicity

When you’re clear on what matters, you’re clear on what doesn’t. When you’ve cleared the way, it's open for opportunity. That's how I live, work, and create.

When one of us shines, all of us shine

When we lift each other up, we’re all uplfited. No matter your experience, background or education, we can all learn from each other and surprise each other when we are open to it.

Ready to make your team

powerfully productive?