Chaos to Clarity


A new Team Productivity Course for Team Leads by Lexi Frame (aka Game Plan Girl). Learn how to implement the Chaos to Clarity system – a powerfully productive system for team success in a fully supported, exclusive group coaching format.


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Implement the Chaos to Clarity Model over six modules

This is a high-level look at the course modules. Please not that this content is subject to change slightly as the course is developed


• Learn the most common causes of team dysfunction

• Uncover your Team Productivity score

• Identify your leadership blind spots

• Learn the habits & practices of powerful team leads

• Set up an excellent Team Playbook


• Learn the 3 common mistakes teams make with tools

• Audit & simplify your current tool stack

• Choose the right tools for your team

• Create a powerful team tool stack


• Learn now to rework your team's structure for productivity and flow.

• Create role & function clarity to foster accountability

• Break individual silos and foster collaboration

• Create connection within your team


• Get an introduction to Ways of Working

• Pin-point the gaps in your team's current WoW

• Learn the 6-step cycle for super team progress

• Learn how to define your team's shared value system

• Implement and optimize your team's Wow


• Define a clear mission, vision, and strategy for your team

• Learn how to bridge the gap between vision and action

• Create a simple tracking system that works for every team member

• Learn how to navigate pivots and changes


• Learn how to support your team with this change

• Learn how to effectively run a retrospective with your team

• Create a consistent feedback loop and process to help improve your system