Let's make your team

powerfully productive

I'm all about getting straight to the problems to find what's really blocking your team from being productive – by solving the underlying problems, we create sustainable team change.

What I offer

Team Lead Advisory

Want a producticity specialist's advice on a specific team producticity issue? Whether it's a communication gap, low morale, slow progress, team structure, or time-management – let's get on call and dive into it together.

Workshop Facilitation

Need a productivity expert to run a workshop on time-management, OKRs and goals, prioritisation, communication, or team collaboration? Let's talk. I'll build a workshop customized to your team's needs and run it online or at your office if it's within 20 minutes of Cape Town City.

Team Structure Consulting

Let's look at how your team is structured, what roles and functions are working well, or missing, and what needs to change to re-structure your team for success.

Fully Bespoke Solutions

Struggling with a specific collaboration, creativity, productivity, efficiency, or goal-related problem in your team? I'll work with you to pin-point, solve, and transform the issues, getting your team from stuck to soaring.

How I offer it

I use this model to pin-point, solve, and transform the exact problems blocking your team from being productive.

The model provides a visual illustration of the Four Key Components of a Powerfully Productive Team, and the 8 Key Metrics that are improved when each companent is clear and strong.

Who it's for

Companies & Team Leads who want to:

▶︎ Speed up progress and prioritise productively

▶︎ Eliminate time-wasting and low-impact tasks and projects

▶︎ Create trust, autonomy, and connection within in their team

▶︎ Structure their team for high performance

▶︎ Break individual silos and foster collaboration

▶︎ Action big goals and create momentum and growth

▶︎ Rework their processes for ultimate efficiency

▶︎ Create focus for their team do their best work

▶︎ Redefine their team's tool stack for high performance

▶︎ Create feedback and insights loops that boosts success

How it works

Discovery Call

We'll get on a free discovery call to see how I can help you, if this is the right fit, and what your exact struggles and challenges are.


I'll create and send trough a high-level proposal of what I think will work for your team and you, based on our call, along with a quote.

Kick Off

If we decide to move forward, your deposit guarantees kick off and I'll create a schedule based on what works best for you and your team.

"With Lexi, there is a way around every problem that can be especially tailored to your needs"

She is the best cheer leader and coach you could ever ask for