What is the Chaos to Clarity Model?

Created over my 8+ years leading teams across corporate and startups, I use this model to pin-point, solve, and transform the problems blocking your team from being productive.

The model provides a visual illustration of the Four Key Components of a Powerfully Productive Team, and the 8 Key Metrics that are improved when each companent is clear and strong.

The 4 Key Components of a Powerfully Productive Team


Role clarity prevents confusion about who's responsible for what, and creates clarity on expectations, helping to build empathy and trust between team members, and their team leads.


When everyone on the team is 100% aligned and clear on the mission, vision, goals, and success metrics, it creates super focus for ideation, problem solving, and innovation.


When everyone is clear on and has access to the right tools for communicating, collaborating, gaining insight, finding important information, and doing their work, it prevents unnecessary time-wasting – saving hours.


When the team has a set of shared values and a clear process for delivering their work, they can easily improve and iterate, in a collaborative way, creating consistent progress.

The 8 key metrics of a powerfully productive team


Everyone on the team takes accountability for their function, work, mistakes, and area of expertise


Everyone on the team is free to do their job, make decisions, and experiment without blockers - mental, physical or emotional.


Everyone on the team can communicate, collaborate, gain insight, do their work and find information fast and with ease.


Everyone on the the team has access to the information, overviews, and data they need to make informed decisions about their work, ideas, and team.


Everyone on the team knows why they're doing what they're doing, and united in their mission to succeed.


Projects, ideas, and tasks are intentionally aligned to clear goals and therefore have a higher impact rate.


The team is making trackable progress week on week, and is able to quickly learn what is and isn't working in order to iterate and improve as they go.


Team morale and happiness is high, and the team feels connected and is operating with a set of shared, mutual values.


Chaos to Clarity Academy

Learn my exact process for implementing the Chaos to Clarity model for your team in this exclusive, online, fully supported course about building a powerfully productive system for team success.